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Andy Irvine

Andy Irvine
(Gesang, Bouzouki)
Rens van der Zalm
(Gitarre, Mandoline)
Bill Whelan
Carl Geraghty
(Soprano Saxophone)

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Andy Irvine
(Green Linnet CD
GLCD 1114

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"Raoul Wallenberg was a Swede who volunteered to take on the might of the SS and save the Jews of Budapest from Eichmann and "The Final Solution". Under the guise of being a diplomat in the legation, he issued Swedish passports, set up safe houses under the protection of the neutral Swedish flag and intercepted the death trains and marches. He considered responsible for saving thousands of Jews from the horrors of Aushwitz.
When the Soviet army entered Budapest in 1945 however, they didn’t believe his story and took him to Moscow. The rest is cluded in mystery; the Russians still maintain he died shortly afterwards but the number of people reporting an ancient Swede in various prison camps in the Gulag system cannot easily be discounted. There remains a possibility that he may still be alive." (Andy Irvine).

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Christoph Gann
Raoul Wallenberg
- So viele Menschen retten wie möglich -

(DTV Taschenbuch
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Text & Musik: Andy Irvine

The midnight fear, the knock upon the door
The brutal face behind the gun on the icy Danube shore
The outcome is in no doubt ’till a car puls up
and a man steps out
Raoul Wallenberg

The death march passes in the freezing rain
Frightened faces wait to board an eastbound cattle train
The fate of Jews in ’44 one brave man could not ignore
Raoul Wallenberg.


I still wait to thank you for my life
As I’ve waited these forty years in vain
To embrace you and to shake your hand
Crusader in a foreign land
I just want to sing your name
I just want to sing your name
Raoul Wallenberg.
I just want to sing your name
Raoul Wallenberg.

The liberating tanks rolling in from east
Wallenberg is dead was the news that they released
But the world paid no attention until it was too late
A world of cold indifference to the cruel fate
of Raoul Wallenberg.

They said you are a spy and your story’s but a ruse
Why should a Swedish Christian risk his life for the Jews
And it’s solitary confinement another prisoner in despair
Hard labour camps and mental wards
Oh! the nightmare of Raoul Wallenberg.

I just want to sing your name
Raoul Wallenberg
I just want to sing your name
Raoul Wallenberg

Reports from Wrangels Island and the Lyubianka Gaol
Speak of a Swedish prisoner, old, gaunt and frail
And from the limits of the Gulag on the Chinese frontier
They keep him on the move but the tracks still reappear
of Raoul Wallenberg

With courage, bluff and sleight of hand you saved 10,000 Jews
But when you needed help yourself there was no one there for you
Only apathy and silence, hypocrisy and shame
And anger turns to outrage every time I sing your name
Raoul Wallenberg.


Copyright © Andy Irvine & Heupferd Musik Verlag. All rights reserved.


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